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The HealthyStart System utilizes a set of specially crafted oral appliances that, when worn by children for just a few hours daily or at night during sleep, encourage nasal breathing and prevent mouth breathing as their teeth and jaws grow. Dr. Lisa Browning is proud to offer this innovative oral appliance to her younger clients at Aspire Dental Spa in Beachwood, OH to give each child an attractive, straight smile and ensure their airways remain unobstructed, ensuring a lifetime of optimal breathing.

The HealthyStart appliances are designed to be worn overnight, adjusting the position of the child's tongue, teeth, and upper and lower jaws. Additionally, some clients may need to utilize the device during the day and engage in specific exercises to condition the oral and facial muscles toward proper posture. This helps develop the jaw structure and influences the correct eruption of permanent teeth while curbing behaviors, such as teeth grinding and tongue thrusting.

Various factors can influence the development of a child's airway with certain aspects possibly leading to sleep-related breathing disorders. HealthyStart addresses issues involving the oral and jaw structure, tooth alignment, and tongue positioning. This ensures the airway is shaped right so breathing during sleep is easy and healthy for life.

The HealthyStart System includes three distinct devices and stages tailored to the child's developmental phase:

  • Habit corrector: Worn during the night, this device aims to alter detrimental oral habits impacting the child's dental health
  • Second phase: This custom appliance accommodates the eruption of new teeth, ensuring they emerge in correct alignment, and is used nightly for 2 – 6 months
  • Final phase: With at least four permanent teeth present, this final device assists in positioning the adult teeth correctly as they come in

The HealthyStart System offers a variety of benefits for children who may be struggling with sleep-disordered breathing. Some of the benefits this treatment offers include:

  • Achieving a perfect smile without the need for braces or surgery
  • A treatment option that is both noninvasive and comfortable
  • Enhancing oral and bite functionality
  • Offering a quicker solution than traditional orthodontic methods
  • Tackling the root causes of misalignment
  • Promoting proper jaw development through early intervention
  • Preventing potential future orthodontic complications

Dr. Browning is the best dentist I have encountered in my adult years being responsible for my healthcare plans! I left for a minute because I wanted a dentist closer to home- BUT I am back and it was the best decision that I could have ever made for me and my son! I was amazed with all the technology and how professional and knowledgeable her staff was. I also got to see Dr. Browning in her leadership role teaching her team as she was noticing things! She is the truth and I am glad to be back home with the Browning Team!

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I always have a great experience at Dr. Brownings office! The staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable and they are always willing to take the time to answer my questions. I highly recommend this office.

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I am a person who was very afraid of the dentist But I put a brave face on Dr Browning gave me confidence she is kind and very caring she has a good heart I love everyone in her office they make you feel like your right at home I am glad that I have found her. Lillian Thomas

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My experience at Aspire Dental was very good. I was met with a happy Good Morning at the front desk by Mike, and Dr Browning which was nice. I didn't wait long before I was taking back for cleaning. The dental Hygienist was very nice and friendly. As she cleaned my teeth I did not feel any pain.And Dr Browning was always so nice and she was very thorough, and she answered all of my questions. I recommend this Dentist and her office to anyone that is look for a Good dentist.

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Amazing and Wonderful all around. Customer service, education, quality of work, efficiency, comfortability, Staff everything is Wonderful

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Breathing issues during sleep, known as sleep-disordered breathing, can be the underlying reason for various symptoms commonly seen in children. If your child experiences issues, such as sleep apnea, ADD, bedwetting, mouth breathing, or nightmares, the HealthyStart System could provide relief and help straighten their teeth without the need for braces. Contact Aspire Dental Spa in Beachwood, OH to schedule an appointment to see if your child is a good candidate for the HealthyStart System.

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