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Dental Crown

Rendering image of dental crown from Aspire Dental Spa in BeachwoodCrowns are used as a cap to protect a tooth that is damaged, cracked, or that has had a root canal. Crowns can also be used to help hold a dental bridge in place. These crowns are designed to look very similar to your own teeth, and in many cases, others cannot easily tell the difference. Our team here at Aspire Dental Spa places crowns on patients regularly, and the process does not take long at all.

What Are Crowns?

Crowns act like a protective cover for a tooth. They replace the entire top part of the tooth and protect it from damage and from bacteria. If you are getting a dental bridge, we may also place a crown on the tooth on either side of the bridge. These crowns connect to the bridge and help hold it in place.

Typically, crowns are made out of metal, porcelain, zirconia, ceramics, or a special type of resin. The exact type of material we use for a crown depends on where the tooth is and how large the crown needs to be. We will also do our best to match the color of the crown to the tooth if you want it to blend in.

Crowns are permanent and, barring any damage to them, will last for quite some time. It is possible for a crown to get broken or dislodged, of course. In such a case, you need to come in as soon as possible so we can repair or replace the crown. There are some instances where we will place a temporary crown. Because every crown is custom-made to fit the tooth, it can take some time to have the crown manufactured. During that time, you will have a temporary crown to protect the tooth. Often, we will place a temporary crown after we do a root canal. Usually, we have the permanent crown ready to place within a couple of weeks.

Full Verses Three-Fourth Crowns

There are two different crown options. The first is called a three-fourths or onlay crown. These crowns do not cover the entire tooth. Instead, they cover about three-fourths of the surface of the top of the tooth. They are used on teeth that are still intact and mostly undamaged on the top.

The other, more common option is a full, permanent crown. These crowns cover the tooth completely. They are often required when a tooth is damaged or has a large amount of decay.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

Most full crowns can last up to 15 years, while onlays typically last about ten. However, there are several factors that play a part in how long a crown lasts. The material it is made from, your oral hygiene, and repeated wear and tear on the crown all affect its lifespan.

Who Should Get a Crown?

If you have had a root canal, a damaged tooth, or any other injury that has left the top of your tooth damaged, you likely need a crown. You will need to come in for an exam for us to tell for certain, though. Contact Aspire Dental Spa at (216) 616-9009 today to make an appointment.
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