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CEREC Same Day Crowns

Dental assistant using CEREC technology in Beachwood, OHWith traditional dental crowns, there is typically a waiting time between when we determine you need a crown and when we can place the crown. That is because crowns can take several weeks to make. During that time, you will have a temporary crown that does offer protection to the tooth, but it is not as durable or as comfortable. However, Aspire Dental Spa does offer another option: CEREC crowns. This special type of crown can be made right here in our office, so there is no wait time.

What Are CEREC Crowns?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or CEREC crowns are placed the same day the tooth is measured and prepared. They are made out of a strong ceramic material that closely resembles natural teeth, and we can shade them to make them blend in with the tooth they are placed on. We make the crowns here, so while you will have a longer appointment than you normally would to have a standard crown placed, everything is done in that single appointment.

How Are CEREC Crowns Made?

When you come in to get a CEREC crown, the first thing we do is take images of the tooth. We use a special digital camera that sends these images to modeling software. This program makes a 3D model of the tooth and the crown. We can make adjustments as needed, and once completed, the image is passed on to a special device that manufactures the crown.

After the crown is made and we have inspected it to make certain it is perfect, we can install it. If you need a crown as part of a procedure such as a root canal, that procedure will be done while the crown is being made. Once you are ready, we place the CEREC crown the same way we would place any other crown. We prepare the tooth, add adhesive, and then attach the crown. We finish by polishing the crown and making certain it is placed perfectly and that you have no difficulty with it.

The Benefits of a CEREC Crown

The main benefit of CEREC crowns is that they can be made and placed in a single visit. Typically, it takes about two hours between taking the images and placing the crown, although the appointment can take longer depending on what other procedures you are having done. The model we create from the images taken is very precise, too. This allows us to create a crown that perfectly fits the tooth. This precision means the crown will be comfortable and feel like a natural part of your tooth. If you brush and floss regularly, it should last for quite some time.

Because you are only coming in for one appointment, you also save on time. You do not need to arrange time off work for two appointments. The tooth the crown is being placed on is also more protected than it would otherwise be since you will not wear a temporary crown.

Are CEREC Crowns Right for You?

If you need a crown, ask us about a CEREC crown. We also offer traditional dental crowns and porcelain crowns here at our Beachwood office. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call Aspire Dental Spa at (216) 616-9009.
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CEREC Same Day Crowns Beachwood, OH • Aspire Dental Spa
At Aspire Dental Spa, we offer an alternative to a regular dental crown: CEREC Same Day Crowns. It can be made right here in our office, so there is no wait time!
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